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Welcome! Jake Snell (he/him/his) is a stage manager, production manager, and COVID-19 Safety Coordinator based in Chicago, IL. Jake is currently serving as the Stage Manager for Griffin Theatre's production of Heisenberg, as well as the Stage Manager for Black Ensemble Theater's production of The Girl Who Was Different, part of their "Plays With A Purpose" series.

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All photos on this page credited to Joe Mazza @BraveLux


Jake is a recent graduate from Loyola University Chicago with a BA in Theatre and a minor in Psychology. While at Loyola, Jake explored production management and stage management across theatre, dance, music, and fine arts events, and worked multiple projects including original works, concerts, plays, and musicals. Jake has continued to work on all various types of theatrical and live productions with theater companies across the Chicago area.

Jake is interested in stage management, live events coordination, production management, and other interdisciplinary performance art. Jake is especially interested in how performance intertwines with mental health, social justice, LGBTQ+ experiences, and how we can make the theatre/performance arts industry more sustainable and environmentally conscious. Jake likes to remind everyone to lead with bravery and kindness and loves any chance he can to work with and meet new artists!

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